Plastic Injection Products

  • Injection Molding Custom Plastic Parts

    Injection Molding Custom Plastic Parts

    Plastic Injection Products Feature and Application:
    1. Efficiency production and automotive operation;
    2. Shape can be from simple to complex, the size can be from large to small and the product size is accurate;
    3. It is used in the forming and processing fields of mass production and products with complex shapes.
    The application we involve house appliance, fitness equipment, electronics, industrial, auto parts, bathroom, medical, over molding and so on.

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  • Injection Mould ABS Platic Products

    Injection Mould ABS Platic Products

    1.Provides service of part design, prototype making, mold design, mold production, mass production and assembly service in house. We are cooperating with many clients all over the world and have a deep understanding of the mold industry, our experience range from simple design to challenging technical parts.
    2.With more than 50 injection molding machines, plastic extruding machines, as well as various accurate mould opening equipment, lacquer spraying and printing equipment; Our machines produce the unit parts from 1 gram to 6000 grams weight. Our machines can produce the maximum size of unit plastic part: 1.5*1.5*1.5 meters.

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  • High Precision Custom Injection Plastic Parts

    High Precision Custom Injection Plastic Parts

    1.Product engineering, development, consultation and the latest in manufacturing simulation software.
    2. A strong dedicated workforce committed to promoting and customer service.
    3. Collaboration during the mold design process between our customers, management, and our employees to implement the best possible concept.
    4. Our unique capacity to create solutions that replace expensive, fabricated steel products.
    5. Provide mold design, mold tooling, injection production, screen printing, spray paint and assembly one-stop service;

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  • Custom Plastic Mold Plastic Products Injection Parts

    Custom Plastic Mold Plastic Products Injection Parts

    1. We have excellent comprehensive performance and can replace traditional materials such as metal and ceramic in many special fields.
    2. The high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of this plastic make it one of the most popular high-performance engineering plastics.
    3. Application fields: we engineering plastics are widely used in electronics, household, fitness equipment, machinery, chemical industry, automobile and other high-tech industrial fields.

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  • Plastic High-Precision Parts

    Plastic High-Precision Parts

    Product specifications: customized parts
    Color: customized pieces
    Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces for customization
    Product name: Precision plastic parts
    Product Category: Plastic Parts
    Manufacturer (Origin): Xiamen, China
    Implement quality standards: ISO9001

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    High-Precision Plastic Parts

    High-Precision Plastic Parts

    Main business:
    1. Customized injection mold
    2.Injection molding services
    3. Production of fitness equipment parts
    4. Assembly and packaging services
    Focus on providing customized manufacturing services based on design drawings or samples.
    1. Support OEM/ODM customization! Welcome to contact us!
    2. There are special offers now. You can get them by sending an inquiry
    3. Support samples, if you need samples to send inquiries, please contact us

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    Abs Plastic Parts

    Abs Plastic Parts

    1.We have 15 years of experience in mold manufacturing and injection molding services. We can customize products according to drawings, open molds and process them as agents. Customized parts materials include ABS, PE, PP, EEA, EVA, PVC, etc.
    2.The company is located in Xiamen, Fujian, China, with convenient port transportation and air transportation, short transportation time, and can receive urgent orders.

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  • Custom Plastic Injection Molding Products

    Custom Plastic Injection Molding Products

    We are a professional manufacturer for plastic injection products and custom molding with competitive price and good quality since 2007.
    Our Service:
    1. Plastic injection molding & Plastic products
    2. Custom CNC machining parts service
    3. Design service (OEM service)
    We could control the quality and the cost very well by our own equipment, such as WEDM-LS, WEDMHS, grinding machine, milling & turning machine, CNC center, wire cutting, bending machine, injection machines, vulcanization machine...etc.

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  • ABS PC PP Plastic Molded Injection Parts

    ABS PC PP Plastic Molded Injection Parts

    Professional experience in one-stop solution on tooling and production;
    Satisfy the precision mold requirement in wide rage industry;
    Can do from mold design to manufacturing.
    1. Fast Quote:
    With more than 10 engineers, for mold design, programming, project managers, we are using CAD/CAE/CAM software to do the design, analysis & programming, to guarantee the satisfaction of customers.
    2. Mold Design and Making:
    Advance injection mold machine to ensure the quality; Injection mold, stamping die & die casting as well;
    3. Plastic Injection Products Production:
    Enough and many kinds of injection machines to ensure the quantity;
    4. Secondary Process:
    We can provide ONE-STOP SERVICE for plastic product customizing works. We provide mold design, precision plastic mold making, custom best quality plastic injection molding, Assembly Work, Pad Printing, Silk Screen Print, Paint, Ultrasonic Welding and Packaging Services;
    5. After Service:
    For your smoothly running machine or product use.

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