Basic Knowledge That Must Be Mastered in Injection Mold Design 1


The mold is divided into several major systems:

Pouring → Ejection Cooling MoldingExhaust

Common defects in plastic parts:

Short moldingburrsbubbleshrinkageweld markblack dotsstripeliftingdelaminationpeeling

injection mold

What problems should be paid attention to in the process of plastic injection mold design?

1The wall thickness should be as uniform as possible, and the draft angle should be large;

2The transition part should be gradual and smooth transition;

3The gate and runner are as wide as possible, thick and short, and the gate position should be set according to shorten the condensation process, and if necessary, a cold well should be added;

4The surface of the mold should be bright, with low roughness (preferably lower than 0.8;

5There must be enough vent holes and vent slots to discharge the air and gas in the melt in time;

6Except for PET, the wall thickness should not be too thin, generally not less than 1mm.

What are the structures of the mold base

op clamping plate A plate B plate spacer block guide post ejector plate ejector fixing plate bottom clamping plate


What are the basic forms of the parting surface?


How to hide each other in UG?

ctrL+B or ctrL+shift+B

What are the mold processing machinery and equipment?

CNCLatheMilling MachineGrinding MachineDrilling Machine


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